Memory IC Evaluation Package (CX1000P)

Memory IC Evaluation Package (CX1000P) is a package product that gathers the IP necessary for evaluating and analyzing Memory IC. It is a very profitable product compared to contracting IP individually. This package specially contains powerful test assist IPs in addition to test algorithm IPs and debug tools.

It can be used for following validation and testing.

  • Functional verification using test vectors.
  • DC parametric verification and characteristic evaluation.
  • Power supply current verification and characteristic evaluation.

It is recommended for following purposes.

  • Functional verification.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Quality evaluation.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Debugging for Pattern Program.
  • Silicon debugging.
  • Sorting work for engineering sample.
  • Testing for small scale products.

It can be used for the following verification and measurement.

  • CloudTesting™ Lab License

    CodeProduct Nameuse
    PCXS01-M0001CloudTesting™ Lab CX1000P LicenseMeasure and Analysis with CX1000P
    PCXS01-M0004CloudTesting™ Lab Expert Mode LicenseEnable expert mode on CloudTesting™ Lab
  • Algorithm IP

    CodeProduct Nameuse
    PCXA01-M3001Functional Testing for MemoryVerify the operation of memory function.
    PCXA01-M3002Current and Voltage Measurements for MemoryMeasure current and voltage of I/O pins
    PCXA01-M3003Power Supply Current Measurement for MemoryMeasure the power supply current
    PCXA01-M3004Condition Table Memory_TypeF LicenseEnable the feature to execute measurement while changing the measurement condition
    PCXA01-M3005Output Raw Fail Address for Memory_TypeF License[Output Raw Fail Address for Memory_TypeF License] can add a function to [Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001)] and save Fail Address Data to a file.
    PCXA01-M3006High Resolution Timing Setting for Memory_TypeF LicenseAdd the function that sets the timing edge by high resolution of 78.12 ps to Functional Testing for Memory.
    PCXA01-M3007Timing Search for Memory_TypeF LicenseAvailable to evaluate and analyze AC characteristics.
    PCXA01-M5000Relay ControlControl CW signal
    PCXA01-M5001Batch File Execution IPBatch File Execution IP is a algorithm IP to execute a batch file. Specified batch file is executed by executing measurement item.
    PCXA01-M5002GPIB Control IPThis is an algorithm IP which controls external devices such as probers and thermo stream systems by GPIB I/F.
    PCXA01-M5003Comment Output IPDisplay arbitrary character strings which were inputted in comment field, to message display area
    PCXA01-M5004Value Judgement IPJudge the result by the specified variable
    PCXA01-M5005Generic Search IPGeneric Search IP is an algorithm IP that evaluates various characteristics by executing a measurement item that use any algorithm IP.
    PCXA01-M1037Fixture Delay Calibration IPFixture Delay Calibration IP is an algorithm IP that compensates the signal transmission path delay within the test fixture.
  • Analysis IP

    CodeProduct Nameuse
    PCXT01-M8001Shmoo Plot Tool for MemoryShmoo Plot Tool for Memory is an analysis tool used for characteristic evaluation.
    PCXT01-M8002Fail Bit Map Tool for MemoryDisplay the result of functional test as 2D map
    PCXT01-M8003System Condition Monitor Tool for MemoryCheck the configuration of CloudTesting™ Station
    PCXT01-M8004Logic Analyzer Tool for MemoryLogic Analyzer Tool for Memory can check the input statuses of I/O pins from logic waveforms.
  • External Linkage

    CodeProduct Nameuse
    PCXT01-M9008OperationWindow for CX1000It is a utility IP that facilitates operation of CloudTesting™ Lab.

External Linkage IPs for connecting with a handling equipment are not included this product.


Product Name Memory IC Evaluation Package (CX1000P)
CloudTesting™ Station CX1000P
Firmware CX1000P MEMORY_TYPE_F
CloudTesting™ Lab R2.28.00 or later

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