Output Raw Fail Address for Memory_TypeF License

[Output Raw Fail Address for Memory_TypeF License] can add a function to [Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001)] and save Fail Address Data to a file.
This function is used for failure analysis purposes.
Concrete use case
* Fail bit address analysis of IC memory.
* Read ID of IC memor.
* DRAM: Distribution analysis of refresh time and precharge time.
* Flash Memory: Distribution analysis of Vth.

Revision contents on Rev 1.04.00

Please refer to Revision Hisotry of Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-3001).


  • Save Fail Address data to file(binary data).
  • Display Fail Address counts.
  • Set address area for Fail Address count.
  • Set “Fail Addres Counts” to user variable, that variable are Integer or Integer array.
  • It controls the output of the fail address count to the message display area.
  • Please refer to the manual from features of Functional Testing for Memory (PCXA01-3001).

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Product GroupAlgorithm IP
Applicable Equipment
Functional Testing for Memory (FunctionalMeasure_Mem_TypeF_IP)


Released atNumberDescription
November 21, 20171.03.00

The revision history was integrated into Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001) .

December 06, 20161.02.00

Add to set area function of fail address counter. Additional items in Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001) Rev 1.06.00.

November 30, 20161.00.00

First release

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