Fail Bit Map Tool for Memory

Fail Bit Map Tool for Memory is a analysis IP to display the result of functional test as 2D map.

This IP requires Functional Testing for Memory.


Physical Define Rule Checker
Check that there is no inconsistency in the definition of a physical define rule text (.txt) which defined the physical layout of the memory cells, and creates a physical definition file (.phy).
Physical Conversion Command
Convert logical fail data to physical fail data in accordance with the definition of a physical definition file (.phy) and creates a physical fail data file.
Fail Bit Map Viewer
Load a physical fail data file to display in a 2D map.

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Product GroupAnalysis IP
Applicable Equipment
Functional Testing for Memory (FunctionalMeasure_Mem_TypeF_IP)


Released atNumberDescription
March 26, 20201.01.02

The following issue of Physical Define Rule Checker was fixed.

  • A conversion error occurred if there was a space at the end of line in the definition of the physical define rule text.
May 31, 20171.01.01

Modifications of Fail Bit Map Viewer

  • An error occurred when the entire map was displayed. The error occurred when physical X address size was not a power of 2.
  • Speed improvement of reading the fail bit data file Improved reading speed if X size was extremely large compared with Y size.
January 30, 20151.01.00

Supported IP Manager and Java 8

August 20, 20141.00.01

Fixing some issues of physical conversion

April 22, 20141.00.00

First edition

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