Timing Search for Memory_TypeF License

[Timing Search for Memory_TypeF License] adds the function that searchs the timing condition which change the measurement result to [Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001)].
It is able to measure access time and setup/hold time known as ac characteristics.
This IP is used for evaluation and analysis.
Actual use case is shown below.

  • Measurement of access time of IC Memory.
  • Measurement of setup/hold time of IC Memory.

Revision contents on Rev 1.01.00

Only the last measured value was saved in a variable, but after improvement, all measured values are saved in a variable.
The revision history was integrated into Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001)
Please refer to Revision Hisotry of Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-3001).


This license adds the following features to Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001).

  • Measures the point where the result changes between PASS and FAIL while changing the parameters (TimingA, TimingB, or Judge Timing).

  • Performs pass/fail judgment for the measured value using the specified upper and lower limit values.

  • The search method types are linear search and binary search.

  • It is able to measure by 78.12ps resolution by adding [High Resolution Timing Setting for Memory_TypeF License].

  • Please refer to the manual from “Features” of Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-3001).

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