Logic Analyzer Tool for Memory

Logic Analyzer Tool for Memory is a analysis IP to display the result of the pattern program in the logic waveform. The behavior of the logic circuit, such as a calculator or interface circuit is displayed visually.


  • Displays the result of the pattern program as the logic waveform
  • Shows the timing value of the logic waveform using the cursor
  • Can zoom in and out the logic waveform
  • Can save and load the logic waveform

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Product GroupAnalysis IP
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Released atNumberDescription
July 11, 20231.10.03
  • Addition of functions
    1. OpenJDK 17 compatible.
      OpenJDK 17 is now supported. OpenJDK 8 is still available.
September 01, 20221.10.02
  • Fixed issues
    1. On the [Selected Pins] of the [Select Pin] screen, when the pin group name was specified at the top of the pin name list, an error could occur during sampling.
      [Behavior after improvement]
      The sampling is executed normally.
      Note that the pin group names are fixed at the bottom of the pin name list.
      [Revisions in which this phenomenon occurs]
      Rev 1.10.00 - 1.10.01
July 27, 20211.10.01
  • Fixed issues
    1. When the acquisition of logical waveform was interrupted, it could not be measured again.
      • Behavior after improvement In the condition above, Logic Analyzer Tool for Memory can be measured again.
      • Revisions in which this phenomenon occurs Rev 1.10.00
May 25, 20161.10.00

First Release

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