Memory IC Sorting Package (CX1000P)

Memory IC sorting package (CX1000D) is a package product containing IPs necessary for GO-NO-GO test of memory IC used for small-scale production test and incoming inspection test. This package is suitable for the Go-No-go test, and it is a great price.

It can be used for the following verification and measurement.

  • Functional verification using test vectors.
  • DC parametric verification and characteristic evaluation.
  • Power supply current verification and characteristic evaluation.

It is recommended for following purposes:

  • Testing for small scale products.
  • Sorting work for engineering sample.
  • incoming inspection test
  • Functional verification.
  • Quality evaluation.
  • Debugging for test vectors.
  • Silicon debugging.

The IPs included in this package are shown below.

  • CloudTesting™ Lab License

    CodeProduct Nameuse
    PCXS01-M0001CloudTesting™ Lab CX1000P LicenseMeasure and Analysis with CX1000P
    PCXS01-M0004CloudTesting™ Lab Expert Mode LicenseEnable expert mode on CloudTesting™ Lab
  • Algorithm IPs for test execution.

    CodeProduct Nameuse
    PCXA01-M3001Functional Testing for MemoryVerify the operation of memory function.
    PCXA01-M3002Current and Voltage Measurements for MemoryMeasure current and voltage of I/O pins
    PCXA01-M3003Power Supply Current Measurement for MemoryMeasure the power supply current
    PCXA01-M3004Condition Table Memory_TypeF LicenseEnable the feature to execute measurement while changing the measurement condition
    PCXA01-M3006High Resolution Timing Setting for Memory_TypeF LicenseAdd the function that sets the timing edge by high resolution of 78.12 ps to Functional Testing for Memory.
    PCXA01-M5000Relay ControlControl CW signal
    PCXA01-M5001Batch File Execution IPBatch File Execution IP is a algorithm IP to execute a batch file. Specified batch file is executed by executing measurement item.
    PCXA01-M5002GPIB Control IPThis is an algorithm IP which controls external devices such as probers and thermo stream systems by GPIB I/F.
    PCXA01-M5003Comment Output IPDisplay arbitrary character strings which were inputted in comment field, to message display area
    PCXA01-M5004Value Judgement IPJudge the result by the specified variable
    PCXA01-M1037Fixture Delay Calibration IPFixture Delay Calibration IP is an algorithm IP that compensates the signal transmission path delay within the test fixture.

External Linkage IPs for connecting with a handling equipment are not included this product.


Product Name Memory IC Sorting Package (CX1000P)
CloudTesting™ Station CX1000P
Firmware CX1000P MEMORY_TYPE_F
CloudTesting Lab R2.28.00 or later

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