Power Supply Current Measure IP

Power Supply Current Measure IP is an algorithm IP to measure power supply current.

By using Power Supply Current Measure IP, the following electrical characteristics for target devices can be measured and evaluated easily.

  • Static power supply current
  • Dynamic power supply current

In addition, by using Multipoint Measurement Plugin, the following electrical characteristics for target devices can be measured and evaluated easily.

  • IDDQ test
  • Maximum power supply current
  • Minimum power supply current
  • average power supply current
  • Variability for power supply current (3σ)

Revised contents of Rev 2.05.00


  • Performs the power supply current measurement.
    1. Set power supply conditions, signal conditions, and pattern conditions.
    2. Power on according to power sequence.
    3. Execute the pattern.
    4. Judge the execution result of pattern.
    5. Measure the power supply current of Power Supply or RVS.
    6. Judge the measurement value by upper limit/lower limit.
    7. Power off according to power sequence.
    8. Execute the finalization pattern.
  • Can measure the power supply current for the specific operating state by executing pattern.
  • Can measure by opening the pin out relay of the I/O pin. It is possible to reduce the influence of the leakage current of the measurement system.
  • Can measure by applying VIH/VIL voltage to the device pins.
  • Can measure by changing the measurement range.
  • Can measure by changing the source voltage.
  • Measurement values and judgement results can be stored to variables by interpose processing.
  • Can execute the finalization pattern.
  • Can apply the arbitrary waveform synchronized with pattern by Arbitrary Waveform Applying Plugin.
  • Can supply the power from external power supply instruments controlled by GPIB by External Power Supply Control Plugin.
  • Can measure by multiple pattern execution condition in one test item by Multipoint Measurement Plugin. In addition, Can judge statistical values at each measurement point.
  • Can execute the batch files at each timing of the measurement sequence by Batch File Execution Plugin.
  • Can use the shmoo plot.
  • By connecting the following IPs, it is able to evaluate and analyze the measurement results while changing the measurement condition.

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Product GroupAlgorithm IP
Applicable Equipment
  • CX1000P CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCU
Shmoo Plot Tool

Multipoint Measurement Plugin

External Power Supply Control Plugin

Generic Search IP

Arbitrary Waveform Applying Plugin

Shmoo Algorithm

Batch File Execution Plugin


Released atNumberDescription
May 29, 20202.05.00
August 28, 20192.04.00
  • Added the function to change the source voltage at the measurement.
  • Added the function to execute the finalization pattern.
  • Supported Batch File Execution Plugin.
  • Fixed an issue where changed values of [(2)Wait] and [(6)Wait] were not reflected correctly.
March 13, 20182.03.00
  • Added the function to output the comments and variable values to header of data log.
  • Fixed an issue that an error occurred at execution when [Acquisition Count] was the initial value without editing by using Multipoint Measurement Plugin.
  • Fixed an issue that an error occurred when executing the measurement after address specification was switched from label to variables in [Measurement Table] by using Multipoint Measurement Plugin.
  • Supported External Power Supply Control Plugin R1.02.01.
October 04, 20172.02.00
  • Added the following content to the reference manual.
    • Measurement sequence when measurement range is specified.
    • Comparison with measurement sequence of Rev1.02.01.
August 28, 20172.01.91
  • Fixed an issue that an error occurred when loading a work project generated by preceding revision (i.e. earlier than Rev2.00.00) and then execute Shmoo Plot Tool (PCXT01-M6001) or Shmoo Algorithm(PCXT01-M6000).
  • Fixed an issue that an error occurred when using External Power Supply Control Plugin(PCXA01-M1039).
May 18, 20172.01.00
  • Fixed an issue that the judgment items selected in [Judge item(s)] on [Multipoint Measurement Setting] tab is available when [Enable Multipoint Measurement Function] on [Multipoint Measurement Setting] is disabled.
  • Fixed the error message displayed when [Measure Pin] of [Target Pin Table] in [Measurement Setting] tab specifies same pin name on multiple lines.
  • Fixed an issue when displaying [Measurement Setting] tab after loading a work project, the value specified for [(7-5) Wait] is forced to change to default value.
  • Added a condition confirmation to [(4) Set VIH Level] and [(5) Set VIL Level] on [Measurement Setting] tab.
March 01, 20172.00.00
April 21, 20151.02.00
  • The product name is changed to Power Supply Current Measure IP.
  • Can measure the frequency with a loop execution of MAIN pattern.
  • Can be measured the frequency without changing the pattern program when using loop function.
  • Address range of loop execution of pattern that is used in frequency measurement is unrestricted.
  • If contract with old product name is change procedure of contract associated with the product name change is not required.
February 02, 20151.01.00
  • It is possible to measure the power supply current by using the RVS(Reference Voltage Supply).
  • Support IP Manager
  • Change log output format
July 09, 20141.00.00

First edition Product NameF Power Supply Current Measurement