DC Parametric Measure IP

DC Parametric Measure IP is an algorithm IP to measure voltage and current of I/O, RVS, AWG and DGT pins.

By using this IP, the following electrical characteristics for target devices can be measured and evaluated easily.

  • Input current measurement
  • Output current measurement
  • Output voltage measurement
  • Leak current measurement
  • Resistance value measurement
  • Contact test

In addition, by using Multipoint Measurement Plugin(PXCA01-M1040), It is easy to measure and evaluate characteristics such as measurement value fluctuation of multiple measurements / maximum value / minimum value / average value / variation for the above measurement.

Revised contents of Rev 2.03.00


  • Can measure the power supply current for the pin connected to the following channels.

    • I/O channel
    • RVS channel
    • AWG channel
    • DGT channel
  • The following measurements can be made using the DC parametric measurement unit.

ModeMeasurement contents
VSIMApply constant voltage and measure current.
ISVMApply constant current and measure voltage.
MVMMeasure voltage without connecting a constant current source.
  • Can measure the power supply current for the specific operating state by executing pattern.
  • Can measure by opening the pin out relay of the I/O pin. It is possible to reduce the influence of the leakage current of the measurement system.
  • Can measure by applying VIH/VIL voltage to the device pins. For the details,
  • Can turn off the power state of the pins to be measured on measurement timing.
  • Can open the pin out relay of the pins to be measured on measurement timing.
  • Measurement values and judgement results can be stored to variables by interpose processing.
  • Can judge the pattern execution result.
  • Can execute the finalization pattern.
  • Can measure simultaneously up to 4 channels in CX1000D (up to 8 channels in CX1000D S2-LINK) by Simultaneous Measurement Function Plugin for DC Parametric Measure IP.
  • Can apply the arbitrary waveform synchronized with pattern by Arbitrary Waveform Applying Plugin.
  • Can supply the power from external power supply instruments controlled by GPIB by External Power Supply Control Plugin.
  • Cn measure by multiple pattern execution condition in one test item by Multipoint Measurement Plugin. In addition, Can judge statistical values at each measurement point.
  • Can execute the batch files at each timing of the measurement sequence by Batch File Execution Plugin.
  • By connecting the following IPs, it is able to evaluate and analyze the measurement results while changing the measurement condition.


Released atNumberDescription
May 29, 20202.03.00
August 28, 20192.02.00
  • Minimized the measurement time by optimizing the measurement sequence.
  • Added the function to execute the finalization pattern.
  • Supported Batch File Execution Plugin(PCXA01-M5009).
  • Fixed an issue that measurement result is 0 when an overflow occurred with Multipoint Measurement Plugin.
  • Fixed an issue that changing values of [(2)Wait] and [(6)Wait] were not reflected correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error due to an incorrect clamp values when changing [Measure Range] from [32mA Range] / [6mA Range] to [600uA Range] / [60uA Range] / [6uA Range]. When [Measurement range] is [600uA Range] / [60uA Range] / [6uA Range], the correct clamp value (999uA / -999uA) is automatically set to [Positive Clamp / Negative Clamp].
October 12, 20182.01.10
  • Fixed an issue that the value of the variable specified to [Source Value] was not applied to the measurement condition even if the value was changed.
March 13, 20182.01.00
  • Added the function to output the comments and variable values to header of data log.
  • Fixed an issue that an error occurred at execution when [Acquisition Count] was the initial value without editing by using Multipoint Measurement Plugin.
  • Fixed an issue that an error occurred when executing the measurement after address specification was switched from label to variables in [Measurement Table] by using Multipoint Measurement Plugin.
  • Supported External Power Supply Control Plugin R1.02.01.
October 04, 20172.00.03
  • Fixed an issue that measurement was not executed in the specified order when target pin count was over 32 pins.
  • Fixed an issue that the ISVM source range was not changed automatically on Shmoo acquisition.
June 28, 20172.00.02
  • Fixed an issue that “None” may be set on the Lower Limit of the ISVM measurement when loading a work project created with Rev 1.12.00 or before.
June 15, 20172.00.01
  • Fixed an issue that cannot execute a work project created with Rev 1.12.00 or before.
  • Fixed an issue that an error may occur when changing the pin name of the pin set as the measurement target.
May 18, 20172.00.00
July 27, 20151.12.00
  • The product name is changed to DC Parametric Measure IP.
  • Can measure the current/voltage with a loop execution of MAIN pattern.
  • Can measure the current/voltage without changing the pattern program.
  • Address range of loop execution of pattern that to measure a current/voltage is unrestricted.
  • Can open the reference manual and revision history from the edit display of the measurement item.
February 02, 20151.11.00
  • Support IP Manager
  • Change log output format
February 25, 20141.10.00
  • Add the simultaneous measurement function of multiple pins
  • Add the wait time function after pattern execution : wait time after pattern
  • Add the wait time function before measurement : wait time after DC parametric measurement connected
  • Add the measurement function of AWG and DGT and RVS
February 25, 20141.00.00

First edition

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