Important Notification about Defect DC Parametric Measurement IP[PCXA01-M1025]

June 20, 2017

Thank you for using CloudTesting™ Service.

This is an announcement on the “malfunction” arisen in “DC Parametric Measurement IP”.

The currently prevailed revision (ie. rev. 2.00.01) of DC Parametric Measurement IP may cause the following malfunction when it loads the project file generated by the preceding revisions (ie. up to rev. 2.00.00) of the subject IP.

Equipment in matter

CX1000P CX1000_MCU, CX1000D CX1000_MCU, CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCU

IP in matter

DC Parametric Measure IP [PCXA01-M1025]

Revision in matter

Rev.2.00.00 ,Rev.2.00.01

Feature of the malfunction

Lower limit will be set forth as “None” at ISVM measurement.

Malfunction premises

  • In case the user loads the project file generated by the preceding revision (ie. up to rev. 2.00.00), as aforementioned
  • In case the user executes the testing at “the Flow Execution window”
  • In case the user takes off the checkbox of the Lower limit configuration at ISVM measurement, in the preceding revision (ie. up to rev. 2.00.00) (Project files generated by the preceding revisions (ie. up to rev. 2.00.00) keeps measurement conditions at any MODE internally, no matter which MODE is selected.)

Whichever situation mentioned above may apply, the subject revision (ie. rev. 2.00.00) of the subject IP will recognize that the user doesn’t intend to stipulate the Lower Limit at ISVM measurement. And the Lower Limit will be taken off as “None”, automatically.

In this case all the saved project files will memorize “None” with the Lower Limit of ISVM measurement.

Please be noted that the above mentioned troubles may happen at neither VSIM Measurement nor MVM Measurement.


At the moment, both rev. 2.00.00 and rev. 2.00.01 of the subject IP are not available and can’t be downloaded from IP Manager.
Should the user downloaded and installed already, please download and install the preliminary revision (rev. 1.12.00) of the subject IP from the URL shown below, in a following manner.

1.“Defreeze the downloaded preliminary IP file at a given field.
2. Overwrite “C:\Program Files\CloudTesting\ipmanager\customplugins\MeasureAlgorithm, by the 3 files contained at “DC Parametric Measurement IP Old ver.”

Then the installation of preliminary revision (rev. 1.12.00) of the subject IP will be completed.
But not at least, please load the project files which were generated by the older revision (ie. up to rev. 1.12.00) of the subject IP. (Project files generated with rev. 2.00.00 can’t be loaded onto rev. 1.12.00 of the subject IP.)

The authentic revision of the subject IP is under preparation and will be released shortly.
It is our regret that the bug brings about inconveniences to our customers.

We would highly appreciate that we would have your consecutive subscription of our services.