Logic Analyzer Tool

Logic Analyzer Tool is a analysis IP to display the result of the pattern program in the logic waveform. The behavior of the logic circuit, such as a calculator or interface circuit is displayed visually.


  • Displays the result of the pattern program as the logic waveform
  • Shows the timing value of the logic waveform using the cursor
  • Can zoom in and out the logic waveform
  • Can save and load the logic waveform

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Product GroupAnalysis IP
Applicable Equipment
  • CX1000P CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCU
Pattern Viewer Tool

Oscilloscope Tool

Functional Testing IP


Released atNumberDescription
July 11, 20231.13.00
  • Addition of functions
    1. OpenJDK 17 compatible.
      OpenJDK 17 is now supported. OpenJDK 8 is still available.
January 16, 20201.12.00
  • Supported Initial and Final settings of pre-processing and post-processing items.
  • Added the function to stop analysis processing when the results of pre-processing and post-processing items are Fail or Error.
August 28, 20191.11.00
  • Supports Pin Multiplex function.
June 24, 20191.10.01
  • When displaying Cursor position or starting the Oscilloscope Tool, there was a case that wrong value was used. This phenomenon was improved.
February 08, 20191.10.00
  • Supports the OpenJDK.
December 18, 20181.09.00
  • When pin name was not specified on signal condition, an error occurred. This phenomenon was improved.
July 05, 20181.08.00
  • When [Sampling Trigger] is set to [Pattern Address], a pattern label can be used as pattern address.
  • Supports Quick Mode.
  • Supports the function of referring to the pin selection and the sampling range panel on the waveform panel.
May 24, 20171.07.00
  • Supports for all I/O Pins defined in work project to select.
  • Supports for all I/O Pin Groups defined in work project to select.
  • Supports displaying the logical waveform with fixed scale.
  • Supports vertical compressed waveform display.
  • Supports displaying pattern addresses as labels when labels are set to the pattern addresses.
  • Supports fail information displayed on the scroll bar.
  • Supports checking and setting pre-processing and post-processing items in the tool.
  • Changes the format of Logic Analyzer files. The files saved in former version cannot be loaded.
March 18, 20161.05.00

Supports WFC(Waveform Character) N and P.

September 30, 20151.04.00
  • The sampling execution time was improved.
July 16, 20151.03.01
  • When the logical waveform display is reduced several times, there was a case that hang-up occurred.
  • This phenomenon was improved
June 15, 20151.03.00
  • The following information can be displayed in hexadecimal. (Address/Operand)
  • The TS name defined in the signal condition can be displayed.
  • The comments described in pattern programs can be displayed.
  • The cycle information to display can be selected.
February 02, 20151.02.00
  • Support IP Manager
April 26, 20131.01.00
  • Sampling time became late by the trigger conditon.This phenomenon was improved.
  • This phenomenon was improved.
March 29, 20131.00.00
  • First edition