About Licenses Used in the CloudTesting(TM) Lab

License Type

The following types of licenses are available.

  • Basic License
    This is the license to use the CloudTesting™ Lab (hereafter called CTLab). The following licenses are available.

    License NamePurpose
    CloudTesting™ Lab CX1000P LicenseUses the CTLab with CX1000P configuration (I/O Channel: 1 to 32)
    CloudTesting™ Lab CX1000D LicenseUses the CTLab with CX1000D configuration (I/O Channel: 1 to 128)
    CloudTesting(TM) Lab CX1000D S2-LINK License (Not supported for CX1000_MEMORY_TYPE_F)Extends CX1000D configuration to S2-LINK (I/O Channel: 1 to 256)
  • License of the IPs

  • License of the IP plug-ins
    This license is for extending the functionality of the IPs.

Unit of License

Each IP purchased has one license. The licenses are assigned to each user ID.

Scope of License Validity

The licenses are associated with the PC you use. Each PC requires one license per IP. When the IPs are used on multiple PCs at the same time, it requires the licenses for the number of PCs.

Activating Licenses

Enabling licenses on the PC to be used is called “activation”. Activation of the licenses is performed at the CTLab startup if the licenses have not been activated on the PC. Once those licenses are activated, they can only be used on the PC. If you want to use those licenses on another PC, you need to return the licenses. For more information, refer to “Returning Licenses”.

  • If you activate more than the number of licenses, the following message appears.
    “The maximum number of PC’s licensable has been reached.”
    The number of required licenses is insufficient for the number of PCs to be used. Return the licenses on a PC that is not in use.

  • Make sure to return the licenses before replacing a PC or the Windows on the PC. If not, the licenses cannot be activated on the PC after replacement. In this case, contact the Help Desk to release the licenses.

  • By default, the licenses are not returned when the CTLab exits. To return the licenses when the CTLab exits, change the IP Manager setting.

  • A network connection is required to activate and return the license. Note that uninstalling the CTLab requires a network connection because the licenses are returned at that time.

Returning Licenses

You can return your licenses with any of the followings.

  • Return the license with the IP Manager.
  • Set the licenses to be returned automatilcally when the CTLab exits in the IP Manager settings.
  • Uninstall the CTLab.

For more information, refer to the sections “3.8 Managing IP” and “15.2 Uninstalling the Basic Software” of the “CX1000 User’s Manual”.

  • Licenses returned by IP Manager are limited to IPs automatically installed by IP Manager. IPs installed manually from the installer are not managed by IP Manager. To return the license of manually installed IP, you must uninstall the application from the Windows menu.

Using in [EDIT MODE]

Once the CTLab is started with the CloudTesting™ Station, it can be started in the [EDIT MODE] at the next startup. The [EDIT MODE] is the mode that allows you to edit work projects without the CloudTesting™ Station. However, emulation of measurements is not supported.

You can also start in the [EDIT MODE] by copying the configuration file (cts_profile) to the following path. The contents of cts_profile vary depending on the firmware and the supported configuration of the CloudTesting™ Station.

%USERPROFILE%\CloudTesting Lab\cts_profile

The files of cts_profile can be downloaded from the following page.

Launch CloudTesting™ Lab

  • The license when used in the [EDIT MODE] follows the configuration defined in the cts_profile.
    Requires the basic license corresponding to the configuration in cts_profile. Also, requires the licenses for the IPs used in the work project.
Updated at
April 14, 2022