Launch CloudTesting™ Lab

This document describes how to launch CloudTesting™ Lab. A way to launch CloudTesting™ Lab is the following:

Launch with CloudTesting™ Station

  1. Connect a CloudTesting™ Station to the PC
  2. Click the Start button, click All Program, click CloudTesting™, and then click CloudTesting™ Lab

Launch on Edit mode

If you do not have any CloudTesting™ Station, you can launch CloudTesting™ Lab on Edit mode. A edit mode is a mode to edit a work project. The mode has the following restrictions:

  • You can not measure because CloudTesting™ Station is not connected
  • ADVANTEST CORPORATION gives no guarantee of any operation other than a operation to edit work-project

To launch CloudTesting™ Lab on edit mode, save the profile file to the following path.

%USERPROFILE%\CloudTesting Lab\cts_profile

The profile file can be downloaded from the table below.

ModelProfileRevision of CloudTesting™ LabRevision of Firmware
CX1000P CX1000_MCUProfile for CX1000P CX1000_MCU2.40.00 or laterCX1000_MCU 19,31,16
CX1000D CX1000_MCUProfile for CX1000D CX1000_MCU2.40.00 or laterCX1000_MCU 19,31,16
CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCUProfile for CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCU2.40.00 or laterCX1000_MCU 19,31,16
CX1000P MEMORY_TYPE_FProfile for CX1000P MEMORY_TYPE_F2.20.00 or laterCX1000_MEMORY_TYPE_F 19,10,16
CX1000D MEMORY_TYPE_FProfile for CX1000D MEMORY_TYPE_F2.20.00 or laterCX1000_MEMORY_TYPE_F 19,10,16
Updated at
January 01, 2017