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This firm in the semiconductor industry includes a course on basic semiconductor circuit operation and validation in its new-employee training program. The firm had been using an in-house IC tester on the course, but the trainees’ time on the tester was limited because the tester was only on loan from the R&D department. Moreover, many trainees had to share the one tester, and they all had to learn a test language before they could operate it, meaning that they had less time to actually learn about semiconductor circuit validation. CloudTesting™ Service provided a practical solution that enhanced the training environment and improved the efficiency of the program.

Customer Comment

Why did you decide to adopt CloudTesting™ Service?

  1. Intuitive operation for better usability
  2. The monthly fee structure is flexible, so we can adapt our usage time to our training schedule
  3. The hardware is compact, so we can install as many terminals as necessary in our training center
  4. The easy-to-understand manual is also suited for classroom learning. Our trainees don’t have much time to study, and their number changes every year, so we very much appreciate that CTS gives us flexibility in terms of usage time and the number of terminals we need. There is no need to learn a test language, so trainees can dedicate more time to learning the basics of semiconductor operation. Also, our trainees can work in small groups (we allot one terminal to every three trainees) with actual semiconductor devices, so it’s hands-on, and we’ve got very positive feedback from them about that.

What results have you seen since adopting CloudTesting™ Service?

Since the trainees can now work in small groups, they’re able to do extremely in-depth training. They can compare their circuit diagrams with CTS test data, so they come to understand the basics of semiconductor operation in a short time. And the user’s manual is organized by test item, with diagrammed examples of each item, so some trainees even take the initiative to confirm their own electrical characteristics evaluations. We can now more than achieve the goals of this course within the limited time we’ve got. We want the trainees to get hands-on practise, but it’s difficult to arrange for the loan of a tester from another department, and it’s also difficult to find multiple units and multiple types of measurement instruments. CTS enables us to build a hands-on training environment with comparative ease, and as the new employee training coordinator, I find that a huge help. Going forwards, we plan to use CTS not just for training new employees, but also for employees in mid-career and those who have been reassigned.

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