CloudTesting™ Lab 2.43.00

CloudTesting™ Lab Rev 2.43.00

1. Summary of revision

Revision numberReason for revision
2.43.00Addition of function, Fixing issue

2. Addition of functions

2.1 Data log

(1) Saving STDF-compliant data log

The feature to save the STDF-compliant data log to a file is now supported.
This is available in the Expert Mode.

Target firmware

To access the manual, select “CloudTesting”->“STDF Data Logging Function Manual” from the Windows start menu.
For details, refer to the following section in the “CX1000 User’s Manual.”

  • “5.12 Viewing Data Logs”
    • “Saving STDF-compliant Data Log to File”

3. Fixed issues

3.1 Expert Mode

(1) Pin definition settings were not applied to the CloudTesting™ Station

The following operations in the [Pin Definitions] dialog box did not apply the pin definition settings to the CloudTesting™ Station.
Therefore, an error occurred when the measurement was executed.

  1. Change the channel number from an appropriate predefined value to an out-of-range value.
  2. Click [OK]. An error dialog appears.
  3. Set the channel number back to the appropriate value in step 1 and click [OK].
  • Behavior after improvement
    After a pin definition error, the previous channel number can be set correctly.

    Revisions in which this phenomenon occursTarget firmware
    Rev 1.00.00 to 2.42.03CX1000_MCU, CX1000_MEMORY_TYPE_F