Logic Analyzer Tool

Logic Analyzer Tool is a analysis IP to display the result of the pattern program in the logic waveform. The behavior of the logic circuit, such as a calculator or interface circuit is displayed visually.


  • Displays the result of the pattern program as the logic waveform
  • Shows the timing value of the logic waveform using the cursor
  • Can zoom in and out the logic waveform
  • Can save and load the logic waveform


IP Name Logic Analyzer
Revision 1.10.00
CloudTesting Station CX1000P, CX1000D, CX1000D S2-LINK
Firmware CX1000_MCU
CloudTesting Lab R2.32.00 or later

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Product GroupAnalysis IP
Applicable Equipment
  • CX1000P CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCU
Functional Testing IP


Released atNumberDescription
February 08, 20191.10.00

Supports the OpenJDK.

December 18, 20181.09.00

When pin name was not specified on signal condition, an error occurred. This phenomenon was improved.

July 05, 20181.08.00
  • When [Sampling Trigger] is set to [Pattern Address], a pattern label can be used as pattern address.
  • Supports Quick Mode.
  • Supports the function of referring to the pin selection and the sampling range panel on the waveform panel.
May 24, 20171.07.00
  • Supports for all I/O Pins defined in work project to select.
  • Supports for all I/O Pin Groups defined in work project to select.
  • Supports displaying the logical waveform with fixed scale.
  • Supports vertical compressed waveform display.
  • Supports displaying pattern addresses as labels when labels are set to the pattern addresses.
  • Supports fail information displayed on the scroll bar.
  • Supports checking and setting pre-processing and post-processing items in the tool.
  • Changes the format of Logic Analyzer files. The files saved in former version cannot be loaded.
March 18, 20161.05.00

Supports WFC(Waveform Character) N and P.

September 30, 20151.04.00
  • The sampling execution time was improved.
July 16, 20151.03.01
  • When the logical waveform display is reduced several times, there was a case that hang-up occurred.
  • This phenomenon was improved
June 15, 20151.03.00
  • The following information can be displayed in hexadecimal. (Address/Operand)
  • The TS name defined in the signal condition can be displayed.
  • The comments described in pattern programs can be displayed.
  • The cycle information to display can be selected.
February 02, 20151.02.00
  • Support IP Manager
April 26, 20131.01.00
  • Sampling time became late by the trigger conditon.This phenomenon was improved.
  • This phenomenon was improved.
March 29, 20131.00.00
  • First edition