Pattern Synchronized Voltage Measure IP with NI PXI-5124

Pattern Synchronized Voltage Measure IP with NI PXI-5124 is an algorithm IP to measure analog signal voltage by NI PXI-5124.

This algorithm IP is provided only in Japan.

Revision contents on Rev 1.01.00

  • Supported 2 channel simultaneous measurement.
  • Supported 200Msps sampling.


  • Measures voltages output from the measurement target by NI PXI-5124.
    • Measures voltages by synchronizing the pattern program by input the trigger described in the pattern program to NI PXI-5124.
    • Multi-point measurement is available and judges Go/No-Go for each of their points by each limit.
    • Counts Go/No-Go count and judges. This makes that the Go/No-Go situation is able to confirm easily.
    • Can add a correlation offset value to the measurement data.
    • 2 channel simultaneous measurement is available.
  • Can display the measurement data to Waveform Viewer Tool(PCXT01-M7000).
  • Can store whole measurement data to a CSV file. This makes that data acquisition and analysis can be easily performed.
  • Can store the measurement data and judgement result in variables by interpose processing.
  • By Arbitrary Waveform Applying Plugin, this IP can apply an arbitrary waveform to the measurement target synchronized with the pattern.
  • By External Power Supply Control Plugin, this IP can supply the power to the measurement target by an external instrument controlled by GPIB control.


  • The following error message will be displayed on the console at the initial loading of the project created in last Rev. This error is due to revision up and there is no problem about IPs features. It does not occur in the project saved in current revision.

  • This IP supports only NI PXI-5124 made by National Instruments. It does not support other hardware.
  • About the detailed specification, purchasing and maintenance for NI PXI-5124, please contact to National Instruments.

Pcxa01 m1033

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Product GroupAlgorithm IP
Applicable Equipment
  • CX1000P CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D CX1000_MCU
  • CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCU
Small pcxa01 m1030
Analog Output Verification IP

Small pcxt01 m7000
Waveform Viewer Tool


Released atNumberDescription
December 07, 20171.01.00
  • Supported 2 channel simultaneous measurement.
  • Supported 200Msps sampling.
March 12, 20151.00.00

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