Important Notification about Defect of CloudTesting™ Lab Power Sequence

December 17, 2015

Thank you for using CloudTesting™ Service.

There is a problem in power sequence on CloudTesting™ Lab 2.20.00 to 2.23.01.


  • CloudTesting™ Lab 2.20.00 to 2.23.01
    • Functional Testing IP(PCXA01-M1020)
    • Functional Testing for Memory(PCXA01-M3001)
    • Current and Voltage Measurements for Memory(PCXA01-M3002)
    • Power Supply Current Measurement for Memory(PCXA01-M3003)

Defect Summary

Power-on/power-off sequences are not performed properly if the measure items are executed with keeping power on among their intervals and also if following situations are met:

  • Different set of pins are specified in each power sequence of each measure item.
  • Same pins are defined multiple times in a power sequence.

The power-on/power-off sequences are performed properly if all the measure items have same power sequences.


The power sequences will be fixed to work properly in the situations above on CloudTesting™ Lab 2.24.00. CloudTesting™ Lab 2.24.00 will be released in February 2016.

Until the release, set the power sequences with the confirmations below to keep power on among the measure items’ intervals.

  • Do not specify the same pins multiple times in a power sequence.
  • Set same power sequences for all measure items.

If the assumptions above can not be satisfied, do not use the capability to keep power on.