Getting Started

This post describes how to start to use CloudTesting™ Service.

CloudTesting™ Service has deployed its business in US, Europe and Asia in accordance with the corresponding regulations in terms of business compliance. However, due to the custom clearance practice on CX1000 P/D terminal and tax practice related to the withholding tax with regard to Saas CloudTesting™ Service’ IPs (Packaged software) at respective legal and tax jurisdiction, CloudTesting™ Service strongly recommend subscribing our services in, for example, US, Singapore and Japan (“MFJ”, Most favorable jurisdictions). Especially, the withholding tax practice under bilateral, not multilateral, Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty (“DTA”) sometimes enforces non-deductable tax and tax return costs. In case CloudTesting™ Service’ customers are willing to use CloudTesting™ Service’ environment except MFJ, please be advised to have a consultation by staffs in advance in the light of service availability.

To start using CloudTesting™ Service, please sign up to our service. The account can purchase softwares, request CloudTesting ™ Station, and purchase of cable.

Select the model of CloudTesting™ Station

CloudTesting™ Station is available in two models of CX1000P and CX1000D. Each models has a measurement terminal called measurement channel.

The number of measurement channels is different for each model. So, choose the model from the number and type of device pins.

For more information, please refer to CX1000 User’s Manual.

Prepare accessories

Next, you need prepare the board and the cable.

CloudTesting™ Station uses FUNC cable and CONT cable. Number of the cables to be required is different by the model of CloudTesting™ Station.

Request to send CloudTesting™ Station

When you request the shipment of CloudTesting™ Station, please log in to Mypage, then click the above “Shipment of CX1000P/D” shown on the right side, fill in the required information.

Choose software

You need the CloudTesting™ Lab and a CloudTesting™ Lab license IP to use the Testing IP.

Testing IP is a software to add the measurement and analysis functions to CloudTesting™ Lab. You can set up your own testing environment by downloading IP optimized on your testing needs.

Updated at
December 23, 2020