The effect of virus scanner to CloudTesting™ Service and how to avoid it

The virus scanner software installed on your PC may cause the failure of operation of CloudTesting™ Service software.

Virus scanner software which may have an effect on CloudTesting™ Service software

Following virus scanner software may have an effect on CloudTesting™ Service software.

  • F-Secure
  • Avast
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection

Those virus scanner software not always cause the failure of operation of CloudTesting™ Service software. It depends on the hardware of your PC or combination of other installed software.


Following symptoms will appear when CloudTesting™ Service software is blocked by virus scanner software.

  • An error dialog which shows “Byte 2 of 3 bytes UTF-8 sequence is invalid.” message is displayed. (message will be different depending on the situation)
  • Not all purchased IPs or no IPs are listed on IP information window of IP Manager.

How to avoid the issue

If you face the symptoms mentioned above and virus scanner software listed above is installed on you PC, please take following actions depending on installed virus scanner software.

Configuration procedure of F-Secure

  1. Select [File Type] tab on the [Exclude from scan] window
  2. Check [Do not scan the files with following extensions]
  3. Enter .plugin and .lic on the entry field of extensions
  4. Restart CloudTesting™ Lab

Configuration procedure of Avast

  1. Open the user interface of Avast

  2. Select [Configuration]

  3. Select [Residential Protection] and click [Settings] button on the [File System Shield]

  4. Select [Exclude from scan]

  5. Add exclusion setting by one of the following procedure
    (1) Click [Add] button, then click [Reference] button and select C:\Program Files\CloudTesting\plugins\* then click [OK].
    Repeat the steps to add following folders also;
    C:\Program Files\CloudTesting\ipmanager\*
    C:\Program Files\CloudTesting\bin\FBMP_Command\*
    (2) Click [Add] button, then enter .plugin on the entry field. Click [Add] button again and enter.lic on the entry field.

  6. Click [OK] to close the configuration window

  7. Restart CloudTesting™ Lab

Configuration procedure of Symantec Endpoint Protection

Add following 3 folders or 2 extensions to exceptions on the Exceptions Policy page. Please see the manual of Symantec Endpoint Protection for detailed instructions.

(1) Folders to be excluded
C:\Program Files\CloudTesting\plugins
C:\Program Files\CloudTesting\ipmanager
C:\Program Files\CloudTesting\bin\FBMP_Command

(2) Extensions to be excluded

Updated at
January 01, 2017