Select the firmware and model

This document describes how to choose the firmware and model of CloudTesting™ Station.

CloudTesting™ Station is a measurement instrument for measuring and analyzing the semiconductor device. Advantest has been poured generously technology that has been cultivated in the development of semiconductor testers, it is designed to make it easy to implement advanced measurement.

CloudTesting™ Station is available in two models and two firmware. Items that can be measured is different in each of the firmware and model. Therefore, you need to select the appropriate firmware and models.

Choose the firmware

CloudTesting™ Station is available on the two firmware of CX1000_MCU and MEMORY_TYPE_F. The firmware has a function to measure the target device. So, choose the firmware from the type of measurement target.

Please refer to the table below for the target devices each firmwares.

FirmwareTarget Device
CX1000_MCUMCU, Logic IC, ADC, DAC, Sensors, etc.
MEMORY_TYPE_FFlash Memory, DRAM, SRAM, SD card, EEPROM, etc.

If your measurement target is not included in the table above, please feel free to contact us.

Choose the model

CloudTesting™ Station is available in two models of CX1000P and CX1000D. Each models has a measurement terminal called measurement channel. The number of measurement channels is different for each model. So, choose the model from the number and type of device pins.

Please refer to the table below for the specifications of the measurement channels.

Measurement channelsFeatureCX1000PCX1000D
I/OApply digital signal32 channels128 channels
Power SupplyApply power supply voltage2 channels8 channel
Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorGenerate analog signal1 channel4 channel
DigitizerCapture analog signal1 channel4 channel
Reference Voltage SupplyApply reference voltage2 channels8 channel


Finally, we check the flow to choose the firmware and models using 1-bit digital adder as an example.

First, select the firmware. The type of device is logic IC, so choose CX1000_MCU firmware.

Then choose the model. The pins of the device are connected to the measurement channels as shown in the table below.

Pin nameType of Measurement ChannelNumber of Measurement Channel
VDDPower Supply Channel1
AI / O1
BI / O2
SI / O3
CI / O4

In this case, choose the CX1000P because the number of pins is sufficient with CX1000P

Updated at
January 01, 2017