Calibration and Repair

This document describes calibration and repair of CloudTesting™ Station.


ADVANTEST CORPORATION sends a calibrated CloudTesting™ Station. The calibration date is recorded in the stamp on CloudTesting™ Station.
You can calibrate CloudTesting™ Station yourself. Also, you can request calibration to ADVANTEST CORPORATION.

Calibrate yourself

To calibrate CloudTesting™ Station yourself, the following products and equipment are required.

  1. Precise Level Calibration
  2. CTS FUNC Cable (1.0m, 0.5m)
  3. CTS CONT Cable (1.0m, 0.5m)
  4. CX1000 DC Calibration Board Set
  5. Digital Multi Meter
  6. Frequency Counter
  7. Cable for Timing Calibration(Please refer to CX1000 User’s Manual for more details)

The following digital multi meter are available:

Manufacturer Manufacturer Code I/F
ADC Corporation 7461A or AD7461A NI GPIB-USB-HS
Keysight Technologies, Inc. 34461A USB
Keysight Technologies, Inc. 3458A NI GPIB-USB-HS

If you use 7461A, AD7461A, 3458A, Hi-Speed USB compatible GPIB controller (NI GPIB-USB-HS) is required. If you use 34461A, it is not required.

The frequency counter is required to meet the following specifications:

Item Content
Range60MHz - 1500MHz
StabilityAging Rate ± 1×10^-6/Year
Temperature(0°C - 50°C) ± 1×10^-6

Request calibration

If you request calibration to ADVANTEST CORPORATION, your CloudTesting™ Station will be replaced with a calibrated CloudTesting™ Station.

To request calibration, please contact us. If you need calibration certificate, please write about that in the form. We will send an estimate on receipt of your request.


If your CloudTesting™ Station has trouble, please let us know following information.

  • Serial Number of CloudTesting™ Station
  • Result of Self Check

If the CloudTesting™ Station needs to be repaired, we will replace it with another CloudTesting™ Station.

In principle we defray all the replacement and repair cost. However when the failure is caused by the customer’s willful intention or negligence, we will ask the customer to bear the replacement, repair and shipping cost. After the failed CloudTesting™ Station is sent back to our factory, we will inform the customer of cost that customers owe. Invoicing will be made together when the most proximate license fee is charged

Updated at
August 24, 2020