Branch Function

Branch function is a feature that sets measurement result, bin number and the next flow item, depending on the specified value.

Set Variable on Branch Function

The variable to be used on branch function should be specified to Branch Switch Value in flow item reference area.

The variable type must be one of the followings:

  • Integer
  • Long
  • Boolean(true is treated as 1, false is treated as 2)

The default variable of Branch Switch Value is system variable SYSMeasureItemResult.

The values of system variable SYSMeasureItemResult will be set depending on measurement result. The relationship between measurement result and the values of SYSMeasureItemResult is following:

Measurement Result_SYS_MeasureItemResult
Not Judged3

By specifying the variable that is handled by interpose process to [Branch Switch Value], you can branch the test execution by the interpose instead of measurement result.

Assign the variable values for the Branch processes

You can set measurement result, bin number and next flow item for each variable values.

The values that can be set in each items are the followings:

Item Value Content
Measurement Result Pass Set measurement result to Pass
Fail Set measurement result to Fail
Not Judged Set measurement result to Not Judged
Error Set measurement result to Error
Total Result Pass Clear the test result of flow execution and set the total result to Pass
Bin Number Integer Value
Flow Item to be executed next Next Execute next flow item. If there is no next item, finish flow execution.
Stop Stop flow execution
Goto Goto specified flow item.
Retry Execute the flow item specified times and do flow control. Flow control can be selected from Next, Stop and Goto.
Updated at
January 01, 2017