Warning message due to the change of the Eclipse Temurin (formerly AdoptOpenJDK) installation folder


When I update Eclipse Temurin (formerly AdoptOpenJDK) to the latest version and start CloudTesting™ Lab, the following warning message appears. What should I do?

“Currently used JRE is not supported.”


The CloudTesting™ Lab Rev 2.45.00 (CTLab), released on 18 October 2021, supports changing the build name and installation folder of the AdoptOpenJDK.

However, with the release of Eclipse Temurin 8u312 (formerly AdoptOpenJDK) on 22 October 2021, it was confirmed that the installation folder was changed again, and the following warning message was displayed when starting CTLab.

“Currently used JRE is not supported.”

You can use the CloudTesting™ Lab with the latest version of OpenJDK without any problems. If you do not want to see the above warning message, please follow the steps below to replace the XML file.

  1. Download the following file. The file differs depending on the JDK version.

    JDK VersionInstallation FolderReleasae DateFiles to Download
    8u312-b07%PROGRAMW6432%\Eclipse Adoptium\22 October 2021CTLab_JRESettings.xml_EclipseTemurin_jdk8u312-b07
    8u302-b08.1 (*1)%PROGRAMW6432%\Eclipse Foundation\5 August 2021CTLab_JRESettings.xml_newAdoptOpenJDK
    8u302-b08%PROGRAMW6432%\Temurin\30 July 2021Not supported. Update JDK.

    (*1) Not required when using CTLab Rev 2.45.00, but required when using CTLab Rev 2.44.01 or earlier.

  2. Rename the downloaded file and replace the following file with it.


  3. If the following file exists, delete it.


We apologize that we could not keep up with the frequent changes to the installation folder as described above.
We are currently working on the way to check without referring to the installation folder, but for the time being, please use the above workaround.

Updated at
October 27, 2021