How to resolve the issue that an error occurs when uninstalling or installing CloudTesting(TM) Lab


An error occurs when I uninstall or install CloudTesting™ Lab. Tell me how to resolve this issue.


This error can be caused by inconsistencies between the current state of the installation and the old data remaining in the IP Manager information.

There are cases where it is improved by the following steps that resets the information on IP Manager and uninstalls IPs. If the following do not help, please contact the help desk.

  1. Check whether All IPs Package is installed

    All IPs Package is the software used when IPs cannot be downloaded due to network problems. It is not needed in an environment where the IPs can be downloaded without any problems. For details, refer to here.

    If All IPs Package is installed, uninstall it first.
    If you are using Custom IP Selector, refer to “Caution” on here.

  2. Uninstall CloudTesting™ Lab (referred to as CTLab)

    Click “Yes” when the following message dialog appeared.

    “Uninstall the IPs and delete the settings of IP Manager?”

    For details, refer to “Uninstall the Basic Software” in the “CX1000 User’s Manual.” This manual can be downloaded from here. If an error occurs when returning the license during uninstallation, click [Ignore] to continue the process. If any other errors occur, please contact the help desk.

  3. Extract the file downloaded from below and execute the initLocalLicenseData.bat with Windows administrator privileges

    This is a program that initialize the IP Manager settings and information.
    If the information does not exist, an error says that files or registries do not exist, but that is no problem.

  4. Install CTLab

    Use this installer to install the latest revision.
    If you need to install a previous revision due to some reasons, please contact the help desk.
    If you need All IPs Package, install it now.

  5. Start CTLab with Windows administrator privileges

Updated at
January 22, 2020