CloudTesting™ Lab 2.44.01

1. Summary of revision

Revision numberReason for revision
2.44.01Fixing issue
  • Updating to this revision requires updates for the following IPs.
    • Shmoo Plot Tool (PCXT01-M6001) Rev 2.44.00
    • Shmoo Algorithm (PCXT01-M6000) Rev 2.44.00
    • Shmoo Plot Tool for Memory (PCXT01-M8001) Rev 2.44.00
  • Work projects saved with this revision are not backward compatible with those saved with the revisin earlier than 2.44.00. The revision of the CloudTesting(TM) Lab that opens work project must be 2.44.00 or later.

2. Fixed issues

2.1 Analysis Tools

(1) Memory leak at startup of the Shmoo Plot Tool

Due to a memory leak at startup of the Shmoo Plot Tool, a lot of memory was consumed when it was started and closed repeatedly.

  • Behavior after improvement Improved the memory leak at startup of the Shmoo Plot Tool.
Revisions in which this phenomenon occursTarget firmware
Rev 1.00.00 to 2.44.00CX1000_MCU, CX1000_MEMORY_TYPE_F