CloudTesting™ Lab 2.27.02

1. Summary of revision

  • Revision number
    Rev 2.27.02

  • Reason for revision
    Addition of function, Fixing issue

2. Addition of functions

2.1 Variable

(1) Several system varables were added.
The following system variables were added.

_SYS_FirstFailedMesureItemIDStringThe first measurement item ID whoes measurement result is a fail
_SYS_MeasureItemIDStringThe latest measurement item ID
_SYS_BinNumberStringThe Bin number of the latest measurement
_SYS_SortNumberStringThe Sort number of the latest measurement
_SYS_ActualTemperatureDoubleActual temperature
Target firmware

3. Fixed issues

3.1 Setup and Execution

(1) Memory leaks occurred in DC parametric measurement
Memory leaks occurred when executing measurement items with DC parametric measurement condition.

Behavior after improvement
No memory leaks occurs.

Revisions in which this phenomenon occursTarget firmware
Rev 2.20.00 to Rev 2.27.01CX1000_MCU, CX1000_MEMORY_TYPE_F