CloudTesting™ Lab 2.26.00

Applies To: CloudTesting(TM) Lab (Rev 2.26.00)

Enhancements: You can download the update notice by going to following URL.

=== Windows 10 support Notes =====================================
Make sure that your IPs are supported for Windows 10.
IPs which require customer's installation action are not support Windows10 now.

The following IPs are not support Windows 10.
- STILReader for CX1000                     (PCXT01-M9000)
- STILWriter for CX1000                     (PCXT01-M9001)
- CATVert-VCD for CX1000                    (PCXT01-M9002)
- GPIB Control Tool for Thermostreamer      (PCXT01-M9003)
- GPIB Control Tool for Handler             (PCXT01-M9004)
- GPIB Control Tool for Prober              (PCXT01-M9005)
- CATVert-W for CX1000                      (PCXT01-M9006)
- LogSynthesis for CX1000 (FastScan)        (PCXT01-M9007)
- OperationWindow for CX1000                (PCXT01-M9008)
- LogSynthesis for CX1000 (TetraMAX)        (PCXT01-M9009)
- LogSynthesis for CX1000 (Encounter Test)  (PCXT01-M9010)
- ScanFF Map for CX1000                     (PCXT01-M9012)

These IPs will be supported gradually.

Download Procedure: === Notes about the update installation on Windows 10 ================== The update of CloudTesting(TM) Lab Rev 2.25.00 (or earlier) on Windows 10 can fail in the middle of installation. In that situation, install the following update files. After that, install CloudTesting(TM) Lab. ========================================================================

You can download the latest CloudTesting(TM) Lab by going to following URL.

Install Procedure: Execute the downloaded installer with administrator privileges.

For detailed installation instructions, refer to the following installation manual.

If network connection can not be established after this upgrade,
follow the following description to install and authenticate IPs.