CX1000P Calibration Fees

It provides a calibration by exchanging the CloudTesting™ Station(CX1000P). Calibration includes followoings to keep high levels the system accuracy and high reliability of CX1000.

  • Level calibration executed with dedicated calibration board and digital multimeter.
  • Timing calibration executed with frequency counter.

The CloudTesting™ station will be calibrated using measuring instruments that have been traced to national standards. For more detail about calibration, please refer to CX1000 User's Manual.


  • Exchanging with other Serial No. CloudTesting™ Station(CX1000P)
  • Initiate caliration after receiving order. It usualy takes around 3 weeks or so to deliver a calibrated CloudTesting™ Station. It depends. Please contact to Helpdesk for more detail.
  • After receiving calibrated CloudTesting™ Station, please send the old CloudTesting™ Station back. Customers are responsible for covering shipping costs on the return.
  • For a quote for this service, please contact us or your sales representative.

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  • CX1000P CX1000_MCU
CX1000 Calibration Certificate