Important Notification about Defect of CloudTesting™ Lab FIX Level output and Maintenance Program

October 13, 2017

Thank you for using CloudTesting™ Service.

There are the problems in FIX Level output and log function of maintenance program with CloudTesting™ Lab 2.30.00.


  • CloudTesting™ Lab 2.30.00

Defect Summary

(1) For the I/O pin of the same channel, if the pin mode setting is changed according to the following procedure and the measurement items are executed, FIX Level will not be outputted correctly.

  • Set the pin mode to FIX Level and execute the measurement item
  • Set the pin mode to In, Out, or I/O and execute the measurement item
  • Set the pin mode to FIX Level again and execute the measurement item (In this time, output is not correct)

(2) If [Logging Messages to File] is enabled, the logs of maintenance programs are not saved to the logging file and not displayed to the message display area.


Currently CloudTesting™ Lab 2.30.00 can not be downloaded. And we will release reviced CloudTesting™ Lab soon.

Please use CloudTesting™ Lab 2.28.02 in order to avoid the above trouble until the next release.

  • Uninstall CloudTesting™ Lab 2.30.00
  • Download CloudTesting™ Lab 2.28.02 from download link and install it

On October 16, 2017 CloudTesting™ Lab 2.30.02 which fixed the above problems was released.