Important notification about defect of DC Parametric Measure IP[PCXA01-M1025]

October 02, 2018

Thank you for using CloudTesting™ Service.

This is an announcement on the malfunction arisen in “DC Parametric Measure IP”.

DC Parametric Measure IP can cause the following malfunction when combining with “Generic Search IP” or “Interpose Processing”.

Equipment in matter

CX1000P CX1000_MCU, CX1000D CX1000_MCU, CX1000D S2-LINK CX1000_MCU

IP in matter

DC Parametric Measure IP [PCXA01-M1025]

Revision in matter

R2.00.00 or later

Detail of the malfunction

The measurement item with all of the following conditions fixes the source voltage / current value for PMU to the value evaluated at displaying GUI and doesn’t update it while executing.

  • [Source Value] is specified by an expression containing variables.
  • The values of the variables are changed by “Generic Search IP” or “Interpose Processing”.
  • Measurement condition GUI has been displaied.

If you have any question, please contact Helpdesk.


The fixed revision of the subject IP is under preparation and will be released in October.

It is our regret that the bug brings about inconveniences to our customers. We would highly appreciate that we would have your consecutive subscription of our services.