How to use variables in STIL file.


How to use variables in STIL file.


The following is an example. Refer to “-var” option in STILReader for CX1000 User’s Manual too.

1.Add Spec block and Category block in the STIL file. Define variables in the Category block.

Spec spec {
	Category ts1 {
		per = '200ns';
		clk_a = '0ns';
		clk_b = 'per/2';

2.Replace timing values with variables in the Timing block. In this example the variable per, clk_a, and clk_b are replaced.

Timing "example timing" {
	WaveformTable default {
		Period 'per';
		Waveforms {
			all {
				01 { 'clk_a' D/U; 'clk_b' U/D; }

3.Specify Category block name to be used in PatternExec block.

PatternExec {
	Category ts1;//add
	Timing "example timing";
	PatternBurst "example burst";
Updated at
June 19, 2017