How to downgrade the firmware


How do I downgrade the firmware on my CX1000?


Describes how to downgrade CloudTesting™ Lab Rev 2.4x.xx firmware to Rev 2.3x.xx firmware.

  • Preparation

    • If the CloudTesting™ Lab Rev 2.4x.xx is installed, uninstall it.
    • Then, download the CloudTesting™ Lab Rev 2.33.02 from here and install it.
    • Read thoroughly the “Preparation” and “Procedure” sections of “10.4 Installing Firmware in This Instrument” in the “CX1000 User’s Manual.”
    • The latest version of the “CX1000 User’s Manual” can be downloaded from here.
  • Procedure

    1. Check the “Preparation” section of the user’s manual.
    2. Start the CloudTesting™ Lab Rev 2.33.02.
    3. A warning dialog box with the following message will appear during startup, click [Cancel]. CloudTesting(TM) Lab Rev 2.33.02 does not support installed Firmware revision.
      Update CloudTesting(TM) lab to latest revision.

    Thereafter, install the firmware according to the procedure in the “Procedure” section of the user’s manual.

Updated at
April 06, 2021