Warning message due to the change of the AdoptOpenJDK installation folder


When I update AdoptOpenJDK to the latest version and start CloudTesting™ Lab, the following warning message appears. What should I do?

“Currently used JRE is not supported.”


The installation folder of AdoptOpenJDK, the Java runtime environment for CloudTesting™ Lab, has been changed in the latest version 1.08.0_302. Therefore, the warning message appears if the CloudTesting™ Lab starts after installing this latest version of AdoptOpenJDK.

You can use the CloudTesting™ Lab with the latest version of AdoptOpenJDK without any problems. If you do not want to see the above warning message, please follow the steps below to replace the XML file.

  1. Download the following file.


  2. Rename the downloaded file and replace the following file with it.


This warning display issue will be fixed in the next release (Rev 2.45.00.)

Updated at
August 17, 2021