Startup for MCU Measurement

Important Announcement:
Currently we hold this seminar in Japan and this seminar will be held in Japanese language only.
If you are outside of Japan, and/or does not speak Japanese, please send a message from Contact Form.

Startup for MCU Measurement is a seminar to perform the analysis and measurement of an general-purpose logic IC (4-bit counter). It is measured using a CloudTesting ™ Station of CloudTesting ™ Lab and CX1000_MCU firmware. Through the actual measurement, you can experience the basic and analysis from how to set up CloudTesting ™ Service.

To those who have been attending this seminar, you will be issued a certificate of completion.


  1. What is CloudTesting ™ Service
  2. Setup the measurement environment
  3. Measure general-purpose logic IC (4-bit counter)     - Contact test     - Function test
  4. Analysis using the Shmoo Plot Tool

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