Algorithm IP Name


The algorithm IP name that is displayed on CloudTesting™ Lab is different from the product name. Please show me the correspondence.


Correspondence of the product name and the algorithm IP name, see the table below.

Code Product Name Algorithm IP Name
PCXA01-M1004 Ground Pin Contact Check GND_ContactMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1005 Power Supply Pin Contact Check PowerSupply_ContactMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1007 Power Supply Current Measure(IDDQ) IP IDDQ_LoopTriggerMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1020 Functional Testing IP FunctionalMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1025 DC Parametric Measure IP DCParametricMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1027 Measure by instrument using GPIB MeasureByInstrumentUsingGPIB_IP
PCXA01-M1028 Power Supply Current Measurement IP PowerSupplyCurrentMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1029 Measurement facilitation by General I/F(I2C) package IP MeasurementFacilitationByI2C_Package_IP
PCXA01-M1030 Pattern Synchronized Voltage Measure IP PatternSynchronizedVoltageMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1031 Pattern Capture IP PatternCapture_IP
PCXA01-M1032 Pattern Modify IP PatternModify_IP
PCXA01-M1033 Pattern Synchronized Voltage Measure IP with NI PXI-5124 PatternSynchronizedVoltageMeasure_wPXI5124_IP
PCXA01-M1037 Fixture Delay Calibration IP FixtureDelayCalibration_IP
PCXA01-M1038 Fixture Delay Measurement IP FixtureDelayMeasurement_IP
PCXA01-M1050 Timing Parameter Search TimingSearchMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1060 Voltage Parameter Search VoltageSearchMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1070 Schmitt Trigger Measurement SchmittTriggerMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1080 Match Cycle Count Measurement MatchCycleCountMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M1090 Frequency Measurement FrequencyMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M2001 ADC DC Linearity Measurement ADCDCLinearityMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M2020 ADC AC Characteristics Measurement IP ADCACCharacteristicsMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M2101 DAC DC Linearity Measurement DACDCLinearityMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M2120 DAC AC Characteristics Measurement DACACCharacteristicsMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M3001 Functional Testing for Memory FunctionalMeasure_Mem_TypeF_IP
PCXA01-M3002 Current and Voltage Measurements for Memory DCParametricMeasure_Mem_TypeF_IP
PCXA01-M3003 Power Supply Current Measurement for Memory PowerSupplyCurrentMeasure_Mem_TypeF_IP
PCXA01-M5000 Relay Control RelayControl_IP
PCXA01-M5001 Batch File Execution IP BatchFileExecution_IP
PCXA01-M5002 GPIBController_IP GPIBController_IP
PCXA01-M5003 Comment Output IP CommentOutput_IP
PCXA01-M5004 Value Judgement IP ValueJudgement_IP
PCXA01-M5010 I/O pin capacitance measure IP CapacitanceMeasure_IP
PCXA01-M5040 Operating Power Supply Voltage Search IP PowerSupplyVoltageSearchMeasure_IP
Updated at
January 01, 2017